Secretarial and administrative services

electronic invoicing software management; updating and issuing periodic newsletters; opening of tax code and VAT number; opening and management of legalmail address; electronic communications and filings with the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Office; request for digital signature and SPID; registration of the registered office in our office and management of mail correspondence; corporate […]


use of US GAAP and IAS/IFRS accounting standards

Payroll and human resources

payroll processing and personnel accounting; periodic obligations (tax and social security declarations); maintaining compulsory documents; managing relations with the competent authorities; preparation of F24 forms for payroll taxes; preparation of CU and 770 for employees; opening social security and insurance positions; hiring procedures and contracts.

Tax compliance and tax advise

preparation of annual tax returns and related formalities; instructions on tax payments; preparation of the declaration of withholding taxes for the self-employed; instructions on monthly payments of withholding taxes for the self-employed; quarterly VAT payments (LIPE); preparation of the annual VAT return; electronic submission of all declarations; other related obligations (intrastat and esterometro);

Financial statement

examination of the accounts; preparation of the notes to the accounts; preparation of the financial statements; annual updating of the Inventory Book and other compulsory books, in accordance with the Civil Code; filing of the financial statements with the Register of Companies; management of relations with auditors and statutory auditors;

Accounting activies

encoding of documents; recording of transactions in mandatory books; monthly reconciliation of accounts; printing of the journal and ledgers; updating VAT books; monthly preparation of the audit balance sheet; annual closure of accounts.