Contracts for the provision of intra-group services are often under the checks of the tax authorities. The Tax Office aims to verify the correct allocation of intra-group income flows. In this respect, the Financial Administration may disputes in two respects: verifying whether the policies applied in the contractual arrangements involve the application of market values. […]

Secretarial and administrative services

electronic invoicing software management; updating and issuing periodic newsletters; opening of tax code and VAT number; opening and management of legalmail address; electronic communications and filings with the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Office; request for digital signature and SPID; registration of the registered office in our office and management of mail correspondence; corporate […]


use of US GAAP and IAS/IFRS accounting standards

Payroll and human resources

payroll processing and personnel accounting; periodic obligations (tax and social security declarations); maintaining compulsory documents; managing relations with the competent authorities; preparation of F24 forms for payroll taxes; preparation of CU and 770 for employees; opening social security and insurance positions; hiring procedures and contracts.

Tax compliance and tax advise

preparation of annual tax returns and related formalities; instructions on tax payments; preparation of the declaration of withholding taxes for the self-employed; instructions on monthly payments of withholding taxes for the self-employed; quarterly VAT payments (LIPE); preparation of the annual VAT return; electronic submission of all declarations; other related obligations (intrastat and esterometro);

Financial statement

examination of the accounts; preparation of the notes to the accounts; preparation of the financial statements; annual updating of the Inventory Book and other compulsory books, in accordance with the Civil Code; filing of the financial statements with the Register of Companies; management of relations with auditors and statutory auditors;

Accounting activies

encoding of documents; recording of transactions in mandatory books; monthly reconciliation of accounts; printing of the journal and ledgers; updating VAT books; monthly preparation of the audit balance sheet; annual closure of accounts.

Anna Lisa De Rose

Graduated in Economics and Commerce at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, she is a Chartered Accountant and Auditor. After two years in the tax department of Ernst & Young, Anna Lisa was selected to join the newly formed accounting and administrative services department of Ernst & Young in Rome. In early 2001 Anna Lisa […]

Riccardo Marinelli

Riccardo graduated in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Public Accountant, Registered Auditor. Over twenty five years of experience in administrative, accounting and tax consultancy. Auditor of Italian companies belonging to international groups. Sole responsible of Management Consulting Center – consulting firm to over 200 share capital companies, coordinator of […]

Franco Latini

Graduated in Economics and Business Administratorion from the University of Rome, he is a Chartered Accountant, Auditor, Member of AIAF (Italian section of the International Association of Financial Analysts) and co-founder of Englobally Group. After practising at Price Waterhouse in London, he joined the Rome office of Ernst & Young. In the mid-1980s he was […]