Englobally Group


Englobally Group

LG Consulting is the Italian member firm of Englobally Group

Englobally Group is the trading name of Englobally Association, an international association of independent member firms governed by articles 60 et seq. of the Civil Code of Switzerland, the legal office of which is in Geneva (CH). Englobally Association provides no services itself, with each individual member firm providing services in its own right and being responsible for the same in its own jurisdiction.

The founders of each of the Englobally Group members are generally ex Big 4 or are from other large international accounting firms and so bring with them real experience and value to add to clients looking to set up overseas.

We know our clients want a “One stop shop” for their international service requirements and that providing a list of telephone numbers from a network is not the answer. We also believe that Business Process Outsourcing solutions often do not provide the level of local and international expertise needed to control the many complex issues faced by even the smallest overseas operation.

We are responsive, think ahead and make sure nothing is missed.

Our mutual clients range from VC backed start ups going overseas for the first time to large public companies with multinational service needs. All receive a cost effective, tailored solution.

One of the core values of Englobally Group is that our members meet regularly to build international cooperation and trust. This level of cooperation means that we are ideally placed to provide managed international solutions to our clients.

Englobally Group exists for the benefit of mutual clients and is not a subcontracting agency needing to earn fees in its own right. You always work directly with the right people at an agreed price.

We believe this makes us different.